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Your gift will provide opportunities for the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders

e@UBC is the university’s venture incubator, providing entrepreneurs with education, mentors, access to seed funding, and space.

Innovation thrives at UBC.

The spirit of innovation powers our world — it drives discovery, inspires positive change, and transforms our future. The world is experiencing unprecedented global issues and facing challenges that no one could have planned for. In these uncertain times, we’ve witnessed innovation and entrepreneurialism emerge as a solution.

As a research and teaching institution, UBC is committed to supporting its students and campus communities in acquiring the skills and competencies necessary for achieving success in a rapidly changing landscape. The university has identified the need to harness its potential by increasing efforts to translate ideas and innovation into action. With the right support, entrepreneurs at UBC can create successful new ventures that translate research and discovery into real world applications.

Part of the Innovation UBC network, entrepreneurship@UBC is the university’s venture incubator. Guided by their mandate of supporting members of the UBC community to develop as innovators, e@UBC propels UBC innovations out into the world through venture creation.

It is one of Canada’s most unique university programs for accelerating new venture creation and growth by providing entrepreneurs with an unprecedented combination of education, mentors, access to seed funding, and space.

Through UBC’s extensive alumni network, faculty expertise, and its relationships with business communities in BC, across Canada, and other high-tech regions such as the Cascadia Corridor and Silicon Valley; e@UBC is providing student entrepreneurs with foundational support in building new companies and understanding key drivers for success.

Thanks to generous donor support, e@UBC programs and resources are available to UBC startups at no cost. As the program continues to experience exponential growth, additional funding is required to ensure the next generation of entrepreneurs have everything they need to thrive.

By supporting e@UBC, your gift will provide an opportunity to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders, while making a difference in our communities by translating ideas and innovation into action.


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