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The UCPI 1,000
Ambassadors Movement

Support students to change the world

The University Chinese Philanthropy Initiative Foundation (UCPI) is a not-for-profit organization founded by Chinese Canadians to give back to society.

This year, we invite you to join our “1,000 Ambassadors” movement (1000am), in support of the UBC Blue & Gold Campaign for Students.

Students are our future. For some students, financial support is critical to accessing higher education, and achieving their potential. By becoming a UCPI ambassador, you will be investing in a better future, and making the impossible possible.


Since the UCPI 1,000 ambassadors movement was launched on November 6th, 2018, $15,460 has been raised for the UBC Blue & Gold Campaign for Students.

UCPI 1000 AM “千人慈善大使行动” 自从2018年11月6日启动以来,已经为UBC的Blue & Gold学生资助计划募集了$15,460善款。

The UCPI Foundation believes giving is a means to bigger impact and better outcomes. They also believe in the power of partnership. UCPI supports the local Chinese Canadian community to come together with a united focus and a shared purpose.

Starting now, their goal is to engage with at least 1,000 community ambassadors—people like you who help raise awareness of, and support for, UBC’s Blue & Gold Campaign for Students.

To be a 1000am ambassador, all you need to do is pay it forward by giving, or raising, $100 for the Blue & Gold Campaign. Be creative about how you make it happen and be ready to share your story on social media!

UCPI will be organizing many exciting events and social media promotion opportunities during this movement. As an ambassador, you will be encouraged to be creative and innovative in recruiting supporters to this cause. Together, we can make a huge difference by paying it forward in our thousand small ways.

Why give back?

One thing we have in common: when we arrived in North America, all of us received kindness and tremendous guidance and encouragement from other people. This support helped us become confident about who we truly are. We discovered our true identities in our second hometown. In UCPI, there are members who could have never come to school and work in Canada without scholarships like these. Our lives were touched by others’ kindness and generosity. Now it’s our turn to give back.



FORWARD, the campaign for UBC, is advancing healthy lives, creating solutions for the planet, and shaping thriving societies. Donors and alumni are the catalyst making it happen.