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UBC Emeritus College

Support UBC emeriti to continue contributing to the university

The UBC Emeritus College — the first of its kind in Canada — was created to sustain and deepen the relationship between the university and its outstanding professors emeriti.

Historically, UBC’s emeriti were an under-utilized resource. Many contribute to the academic work and reputation of UBC through lecturing and mentoring, research and publishing, and participation in foundational university committees. UBC’s Emeritus College significantly strengthens these important bonds and increases UBC’s research capacity. The college also provides emeriti with a supportive retirement pathway to an active UBC community, allowing them to retire when it is right for them while also maintaining their desired level of activity and connection. In addition, the college enables emeriti to retain their academic identities and continue to pursue their academic and creative interests.

The Emeritus College at UBC supports UBC emeriti to continue their contributions to the academic mission of the university. It also ensures emeriti remain an integral part of the UBC community, with links to their academic departments and faculties that are mutually beneficial. In addition, the culture and environment of the college provides a natural growth opportunity for interdisciplinary projects. In the college, emeriti form and strengthen intellectual, social, and community volunteer networks.

Please make a donation to the UBC Emeritus College. Your gift will help to create a robust college, encourage UBC emeriti participation, and further the missions of the college and UBC.