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Educating the minds and hearts of students prepares them to become responsible local and global citizens.

The library has always been the heart of the university academic experience – rich in resources covering diverse fields of study, and offering refuge for quiet study and reflection. Libraries are now being called upon to be a new kind of place for individuals to connect, create and collaborate, to use data and technology, and to discuss and present discoveries. In response to these changing needs, the UBC Okanagan Library includes a greater mix of individual and group study spaces, collaborative project spaces, and formal and informal learning spaces, as well as an array of digital technologies which will enhance the teaching, learning, and research experience.

Your support can help change the way our community teaches, learns, and conducts research.

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UBC Okanagan Special Collections and Archives

UBC Okanagan Special Collections and Archives acquires and provides access to a range of materials that document the unique history of the region. Your gift will help to preserve and share the history of life in the Okanagan.

UBC Okanagan Inclusive Technology Lab

The UBC Okanagan Inclusive Technology Lab is a supportive environment designed to facilitate learning and research through access and training with assistive technologies. Your gift will help provide the support students with disabilities need to succeed in their education.

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      UBC Okanagan Library Special Collections Fund

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      UBC Okanagan Library Parents Innovation Fund

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      The Commons – Building Fund

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