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Henry Salomon de Friedberg: a bequest for a greener future

A visionary gift in will empowers UBC's clean energy mission.

Henry Salomon de Friedberg’s remarkable journey, from his birth in Nottingham, England, in 1951, to becoming a pivotal figure in metallurgy and materials engineering, culminated in a profound act of generosity towards UBC’s future. His career spanned from 1979 to 2016 at Teck Resources, where he left a significant mark through various roles. Yet, it was his visionary gift in will to the Materials Engineering Department within UBC’s Faculty of Applied Science that truly encapsulated his legacy.

Guided by Materials Engineering Professor Edouard Asselin, Henry’s gift is set to revolutionize renewable energy storage research. This initiative underscores his deep understanding of metallurgy’s role in addressing climate change and heralds a new era of sustainable energy solutions.

“Henry was dedicated to rigorous science and engineering, and passionate about applying hydrometallurgical principles and knowledge to 21st century challenges,” says Professor Asselin.

“His depth of experience in the metallurgical industry, his patience and his kindness made him an excellent mentor to students and to faculty. I was fortunate to work with Henry on a number of projects, and I benefitted greatly from his mentorship.

“Specifically, Henry taught me to ask more and different questions, to be more patient, and not to give up on getting answers to the hardest fundamental questions. His gift to UBC will enable the Materials Engineering Department to continue its world-leading research into new energy storage devices, including those that use minerals rather than refined metals.”

Remembering Henry means recognizing a legacy that transcends his time—and is a testament to his belief in the power of science and engineering to forge a cleaner, more resilient world. Despite never being an alumnus, his foresight and generosity have laid the groundwork for future breakthroughs in clean energy at UBC, inspiring a legacy of innovation and environmental stewardship.

For more information on supporting clean energy research at UBC or to discuss the possibilities of including UBC in your estate plans, please contact our Gift & Estate Planning team.

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