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Unleashing the potential of Arts students with a generous anonymous gift

The UBC Student Scholarship in Arts, funded by an anonymous visionary, empowers the next generation of leaders to dream big and shape their own futures.

In 2009, a beloved UBC alum passed away, leaving a legacy that would benefit future generations of students in the Faculty of Arts. Prior to their passing, the alum worked with the UBC Gift and Estate Planning team for several years, to create an anonymous planned gift. They left their entire estate—including a life insurance policy and proceeds from a RRIF—to the university. This enabled the creation of the Student Scholarship in Arts in 2010.

As of today, the scholarship fund has provided over 700 awards to deserving students. For Laura Moss, Associate Dean, Students, in the Faculty of Arts, this kind of donor generosity has an impact that will be felt long into the future.

“Faculty of Arts students are the next generation of leaders—ready to tackle challenges and build a more sustainable and more just place to call home. We believe that our students will make contributions that will be felt by others around the world.

“For many, receiving a financial award is life-changing. Donor support gives students the opportunity to take risks and learn broadly. At the heart of it, an award tells students there is a community that believes in them. It is truly inspiring to watch our strong, smart, and determined students flourish because of the support they receive from such generous donors.”

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