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Gill Moranwali

Messages of Remembrance

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I have had the distinct honour to know Mr. Gill Moranwali. His human warmth, humility, serenity and hospitality stood out for me throughout the years. I found particular inspiration in his poetry, of which he gifted me several of his books: “Free your heart from all resentments - To the fraternity of the good attach.” (From his: Fragrance of Colours, 2014, p. 15) He will be sorely missed.

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Mohinder was wonderfully warm and generous, like the rest of his family. We were made welcome and so much enjoyed our times at his home. He dearly loved his daughters, so obvious in a poem that he shared with us. At our home I will always remember him complementing our dahl. (We also remember Jiri's wonderful food and playing on the floor with Chandran). We wish we were closer offer our sympathy in person.

Graeme and Millie, Dear friends of Hartej, Vince, Chandran and family

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