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Dr. Jason Young

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About Dr. Jason Young

Dr. Jason Richard Young, 1978-2021, was a lifelong academic and collector of degrees including a BA Hons. (UBC, 2005), MA (UBC, 2008) and Ph.D. (McGill, 2014). He used his knowledge for good (mostly) and went on to teach Geography with a passion at various local institutions, most notably, Vancouver Island University and Simon Fraser University. He was an advocate of academic and intellectual freedom, and passionate about the pursuit of knowledge. Jason prided himself on consuming the hopes and dreams of millions, while actually fostering the hopes and dreams of his students, who he cared the world for.

Let it be known also (if it isn’t already) that Jason loved to drive fast and far in tiny cars with the top off and music loud; just how he fit we’ll never understand. Perhaps that’s why he was a collector of various scotches, that even the hardiest of Scotsman wouldn’t touch – we’ll never know. He carried a lifelong nostalgia for having jumped out of planes that were in perfectly good flying condition. Jason also loved and loathed his network of friends, both real and imaginary. Some of our dearest memories will forever be shrouded in the haze of all-night socials that lead to early morning moments of insight and humanity, I mean, insanity. But, it must be said, that he will forever have the last laugh for dying first and therefore winning all open arguments.

Jason is survived his family; a posse of sisters, beloved aunt and uncle and the love/nemesis of his life, Elinor, and children, Kyle and James.


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The impact of your support

To honour Jason’s life and accomplishments, your generous donations will go towards the Youth Futures Education Fund Bursary for Youth In Care. This fund provides assistance to students in need as they pursue their educational dreams.

Messages of Remembrance

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  • I am so sorry to hear that Jason is no longer with us. My sincere condolences to his family and friends at this difficult time. I first met Jason when I returned from a sabbatical in Japan in 2005. Jason was completing his history Masters degree, was becoming interested in human geography, and he was a research assistant to the Centre for Japanese Research (CJR) at UBC. I became the Centre Director. Over the following couple of years, before he took off to McGill geography to do his PhD, Jason was my close buddy and `aide-de-camp’ as I set up a number of major workshops and conferences. Jason was a wizard with the (then) new power point technology at presentations – I was not. I still don’t have a smart phone. Jason was invariably late. But he would drive in by motorbike in those years and, of course, save the day! The first photo of him from my collection was taken in spring 2007 at a CJR workshop held at the downtown UBC campus. I remember we had an array of international speakers and Jason organized a post-conference field trip to Whistler, which was gearing up to the 2010 Winter Olympics. It rained the entire visit. Later in the evening we all dined out at a Granville Street Italian restaurant (it is no longer there) and that is where the second photo was taken. We had many adventures in those years, mainly sorting out the technical problems in the presentations of visiting CJR speakers, getting taxis for after talk restaurant events, and then getting people back to the campus to their accommodation. My late-wife, Barbara, got to know Jason at various social events, and his quirky nature. When Jason returned from McGill I was glad that he was hired at SFU Geography to teach economic geography. I used to meet him at the Koerners pub to catch up on each others’ news The last time I met with Jason was in 2018. Farewell, dear Friend.

    David Edgington, Colleague and good friend
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