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Ming Leung

Messages of Remembrance

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Ming recognized the value of physical activity in reducing risk of falls and improving quality of life especially for those who were challenged with limited mobility. It would be a great honour to Ming that students recognize and carry on her passion for making things better for everyone.

Debbie Cheong, Colleague
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(MING my dearest wife) You inspire me with your determination & I LOVE YOU. 碧明 , 妳用妳的決心激勵了我 , 我愛妳. 富明

Francis Leung, Husband & Travelling Buddy
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Ming Leung was a valued friend and colleague to many of us working at the Healthy Bones Clinic at Peace Arch Hospital, White Rock, British Columbia (BC). We remember her as an outstanding physiotherapist who was always curious about her patients and eager to work collaboratively with the physicians, other allied health professionals and management staff. She had many talents that we benefitted from, including her beautiful and delicious baked goods that mysteriously appeared just when we needed a little “pick-up” of energy in the day. Ming was also a talented researcher who helped bring the first Fracture Liaison Service program to BC to support patients after osteoporosis fractures. Her smile, her enthusiasm and her friendship will be greatly missed.

Healthy Bones Clinic friends and colleagues, Friend and Colleague
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I worked with Ming first at New Vista Care Home ((around 2002-2008)when she was hired to develop the strength training program. I am a dietitian so was part of the multi-disciplinary team during the years that New Vista was associated with the Eden Alternative principles. I loved how caring and professional Ming was and we all celebrated the positive effect that the strength training program had on the lives of our elders. Ming and I had children of similar ages so we often shared stories of their school activities and adventures/mishaps. We also shared a love of travel and good food. Since that time, we have kept in touch and also both ended up working at Augustine House so I was pleased to see Ming and enjoy her company. I just heard of her passing last week when I was visiting a friend who lives in New Vista Care Home. I am so very sorry for her loving family who she cared for so much and was so proud of. I am grateful that I knew and worked with Ming. She was a wonderful person and a leader in her profession. She inspired me and I was grateful to call her a friend.

Shelley Kutney, care team professional

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