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Dean of Science
Scholarship at UBC

Faculty of Science

Support the most promising science undergraduate students

Your support helps recognize and reward the top science undergraduate students.

The Dean of Science Scholarship honours the most promising science undergraduate students. Through your support of this fund, UBC Science is able to recognize these students for their achievements, and help ease their financial burdens. Scholarships inspire and reward students, and can be the spark that encourages them to pursue their scientific dreams. In the last five years alone, this scholarship has recognized 94 talented science students pursuing all areas of scientific study. With your help, UBC Science will be able to recognize the achievements of even more of our top scholars, and help them unlock their potential to change the world. Make a donation today.

The Dean of Science Scholarship recognizes students for service to faculty and fellow students as well as other worthy achievements. Scholarship recipient Aaron Bailey says, “receiving the Dean of Science Scholarship was both a surprise and an honour for me. By contributing financially to my studies, it allowed me to focus more time towards improving the UBC student experience as the President of the Science Undergraduate Society. Beyond this, it has provided me with a sense of self-confidence knowing that the Faculty and the generous community of Science Alumni were willing to support my education at UBC.”

At the Faculty of Science, the student experience is central to everything we do. With your help, we can honour the hard work and scholarship of more of our best students. Please make a donation to the Dean of Science Scholarship.

Dean of Science Scholarship Donor Thank You


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