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Faculty of Science Bursary

Faculty of Science

Support the potential to make new discoveries, shift paradigms, start companies, and even spark new industries

UBC Science students have talent, drive, and curiosity. Unfortunately, they don’t all have the financial means to complete their education.

Bursaries help students with unmet financial needs. Student loans and summer jobs do not always cover the cost of living, books, and tuition. Financial pressures for students are growing as the cost of living keeps going up. For many students, bursaries are the only way they are able to achieve their academic goals. Bursaries are particularly needed to ensure that students from a wide range of backgrounds are able to attend university, and gain the scientific and technical skills that Canada’s economy urgently needs.

Support from the alumni and friends of UBC Science is essential to ensure that more students are able to access the financial help that they need in order to achieve their goals and reach their potential. Give now to help ensure that finances are not a barrier to the success of our students.


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