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Dr. Richard B. Kramer
Pediatric Dentistry Fund

Faculty of Dentistry

Help dentistry students provide urgent treatment for patients facing financial barriers to care

This fund was established by colleagues, friends, and family to recognize Dr. Kramer’s dedication and commitment to pediatric dentistry.

Dr. Kramer has made significant contributions to pediatric dentistry by introducing open-concept clinics, visual distraction techniques, multi-specialty collaborative systems, and building positive team culture. Dr. Kramer continues to be a mentor within the dental community, and his approach to positively shaping children’s attitudes toward dentistry has significantly impacted thousands of lives.

The Dr. Richard B. Kramer Pediatric Dentistry Fund provides the opportunity for students in the graduate pediatric dentistry program to advocate for patients who face financial challenges in completing their full and comprehensive dental treatment. Qualified patients receive the treatment they need at a reduced fee allowing students to follow through with the full treatment plan for their patients.

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