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Help promote women’s equality through the law

Rise Women’s Legal Centre is the result of a partnership between the Allard School of Law and West Coast LEAF, a BC-based organization dedicated to promoting women’s equality through the law.

The Centre focuses on providing women caught in the gap between being unqualified for legal aid and unable to afford a lawyer with much-needed legal representation in family law. This representation is provided by students from the Allard School of Law, under the supervision of a practicing lawyer, thereby providing students with an experiential learning opportunity in a non-profit, social justice environment, with a focus on the circumstances of women and their experiences within the justice system. Students work with clients on all aspects of their family and child protection legal files ranging from client interviews and intake, to limited retainer services, to assisting clients with preparation for court proceedings, to full representation in some cases.

A gift in support of the Centre will be far-reaching, touching the lives of the many women and their children who benefit from its services. It will also ensure our students continue to have access to experiential learning opportunities related to family law and social justice issues.


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