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Provide scholarships for Student Coaches and Graduate Assistant Coaches

The Smith and Laycoe Varsity Training Center is home to over 650 Varsity athletes representing 25 teams.

It is the only central hub that all of our athletes frequently visit and is one of the biggest cultural components to the success of our Varsity athletics. We see upwards of 25 sessions per day (over 275 athletes) and log close to 1,500 athlete check-ins per week. The Varsity weight room was developed to offer our student athletes first class facilities and coaching to help continue progress in the pursuit of excellence.

In 2014, Joe McCullum was named to the position of Head Strength and Conditioning Coach. The first gap recognized was the ratio of staff to student athletes and with this the inception of the Student Coach and Graduate Assistant Coach programs were built. We take on upwards of eight graduate level students completing either their MKin in Coaching or a MSc in a related field in sport and human performance and 5-15 student coaches enrolled in their undergrad in the field of Kinesiology. The impact these students have made was immediate.

The goal of the program is to give our students practical experience in a dynamic and high-paced atmosphere and to prep them for the work force upon graduation. Please make a donation to support this goal and help our athletes achieve excellence.

The UBC High Performance Support Fund supports the efforts of our Strength and Conditioning team. Your gift will provide scholarships for Student Coaches and Graduate Assistant Coaches in the field of Kinesiology. These students will then be involved in all aspects of the physical preparation needed for our student athletes while completing their studies at UBC.


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