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Thunderbirds Sport Clubs

Help Thunderbirds Sports Clubs become the leading competitive club sport program in Canada

Launched in 2015, the UBC Thunderbirds Sport Clubs (UBC TSC) compete in non-CIS/NAIA level competition across Canada and the United States, some even going as far as Europe.

As a competitive program, all teams participate in club or intercollegiate leagues at a local, provincial, national, or international level. Following a “pay to play” type model, each sport club determines it’s dues based on expenses related to: competition registration fees, facility or venue rentals, travel related costs, apparel, equipment, and coaches. However, Clubs receive some financial support from the University for coaching, National Championships, and competitive enhancement. As UBC Thunderbirds Sport Clubs, these groups have been given the designation as official representatives of the school in their respective sports.

In the pursuit of becoming the leading competitive club sport program in Canada, UBC TSC takes pride in supporting the development of employees, student executives, and athletes in the program. Executives are responsible for all aspects of sport management including: policy and procedure compliance, governing body relationships, team coordination, practice/training programs, budgeting and finances, sponsorship, risk management, travel safety and insurance, as well as promotions and recruitment.

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