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Help provide our student athletes with the resources they need in this unique time.

Every day, our athletes work hard to become the best version of themselves to represent UBC — both in the classroom and on the field.

Resilience, tenacity, focus, motivation – a few words that we use to describe UBC student athletes. But when we asked how our athletes felt about the upcoming year, varsity student athletes reported experiencing feelings of anxiety, stress and disconnection from their peers. Our athletes’ spirit and drive are being put to the test and they could use your help.

With varsity sport competition currently on hold due to COVID-19, our student athletes are facing challenges that they could never have prepared for. They are now adjusting to online learning, modified training and practice sessions, and the uncertainty of when sports will return.

Thunderbird athletes are digging deep into their physical and mental reserves to maintain their edge. But they are concerned how they will manage the new demands and self-discipline required to stay on top of their game.

Give our athletes a boost by donating to the Thunderbird Excellence Fund to help provide the financial support and resources our student athletes need to navigate this unique time in their academic and athletic careers.


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