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Mosaic Forest Management invests in the future of forest leadership with UBC Forestry

In recognition of Mosaic’s commitment to forestry education, the main lecture theatre in the Forest Sciences Centre is now the Mosaic Forest Management Lecture Theatre.

The Faculty of Forestry at the University of British Columbia is entering a new phase in forestry education, thanks to the dedicated commitment of Mosaic Forest Management. A generous, multi-year commitment – marks an extraordinary step towards nurturing the future of forestry and underscores the pivotal role local industry plays in ensuring the vitality of British Columbia’s forests.

In recognition of Mosaic’s commitment to forestry education and its profound impact on the future of the profession, the University of British Columbia honoured this partnership by renaming the main lecture theatre in the Forest Sciences Centre the Mosaic Forest Management Lecture Theatre (formerly the Fletcher Challenge Theatre).

Mosaic’s contribution is a testament to their unwavering commitment to fostering the future stewards of our forests. These funds will fuel initiatives aimed at preparing the next generation of forestry professionals by providing hands-on learning opportunities for students, increasing public access, and engaging youth and kids in the natural environment.

Some of the funds will be allocated to The Malcolm Knapp Research Forest Welcome and Education Centre – a “working” forest of 5,157 hectares designed to be a facility for research, demonstration, and education in the field of forestry. These funds will go towards facilitating public access to the forest by increasing youth programming at MKRF, allowing youth and students to engage in the kinds of hands-on programming that inspires the next generation and bridges the gap between our communities and the intricate ecosystems that surround us. This commitment will also enable students to gain invaluable, real-world experience through field schools and fieldwork, ensuring that UBC’s Faculty of Forestry remains at the forefront of forest education.

“We are truly grateful to Mosaic Forest Management for their remarkable generosity and dedication to the future of forestry education,” said Dean Rob Kozak of the Faculty of Forestry at UBC. “This naming will stand as a testament to Mosaic’s commitment to environmental stewardship, community engagement, and innovation in forest management.”

“Mosaic has a long-standing history of support for the Faculty of Forestry at the University of British Columbia, and today’s commitment underscores our belief in the importance of science and culture in ensuring forestry continues to be a part of the global solutions we all need right now,” said Rob Gough, Mosaic Forest Management’s President and CEO. “This Faculty has delivered and inspired a significant portion of Mosaic’s professionals who work hard every day to make our company a leader in sustainable timberlands management. I expect UBC will continue to do so for years to come.”

“As British Columbians we have a deep and meaningful connection to our forests and the University of British Columbia is a global leader in sustainable forestry. Mosaic Forest Management takes their responsibility as stewards of their lands very seriously and this contribution will help in training the next generation of leaders and innovators in sustainable forestry.”

At a time when the well-being of our forests faces unprecedented challenges, Mosaic’s steadfast support for UBC’s Faculty of Forestry marks a pivotal moment in our collective efforts to ensure the longevity of British Columbia’s forests. Future forest leaders, armed with knowledge and practical experience, will play a pivotal role in the sustainable management of British Columbia’s forests. This investment illustrates the power of collaboration between industry and education and underscores the crucial role of such partnerships in safeguarding the future of our forests and the communities that rely on them.