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UBC launches Peter Wall Legacy Awards program

UBC is pleased to launch the inaugural competitions for the Wall Fellowships and Wall Research Awards.

These awards are valued at approximately $4 million annually, and have been made possible by the groundbreaking $100 million Peter Wall Legacy Fund, which was established through generous and recently revitalized donations from Dr. Peter Wall dating back to 1991.

This suite of awards represents one of the largest internal award programs at any university in North America. It will support the research activities of tenured and tenure-track faculty members at all stages of their career, as well as those of master’s and doctoral students.

The program is structured as follows:

  • Wall Fellowships valued at $1 million each, which will be awarded to two faculty members each year; and
  • Wall Research Awards, which are available for individual and team projects from faculty members, as well as for graduate students.

The awards will initially focus on research relating to three areas of interest:

  • Sustainable approaches to and development of the general urban environment, including water, energy and transportation infrastructure in British Columbia;
  • Environmental protection of oceans, beaches and waterfronts that impact British Columbia; and
  • Sustainable approaches to resource-intensive industry in British Columbia.

Projects within these areas of interest will principally relate to British Columbia but may also apply to, and address other, Canadian and international regions. Visit walllegacyawards.ubc.ca for full details and application dates.

“We are extremely grateful to Dr. Wall for his generous donations, which represent a sustained investment in UBC’s research and scholarly community. I would also like to recognize the work of the UBC Senates and committees in developing these exciting opportunities.”

Benoit-Antoine Bacon, President and Vice-Chancellor