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Friends of the
UBC Library


Strengthen Library collections and improve services

The UBC Library fosters innovation and creativity, facilitating access to over 7 million print and electronic volumes and more than 840,000 maps and audio visual material through its 15 branches and divisions.

The University’s pursuit of research excellence is dependent on the Library providing outstanding information resources and services, including high-performance search-and-retrieval systems, research training sessions and inspiring, flexible places.

The Library welcomes about four million annual visitors, engaging the wider community through thought-provoking readings, insightful exhibits and cutting-edge digital technologies. More than 300 Library employees field approximately 140,000 annual queries related to ground-breaking medical research to transformative global policy issues and novel art forms.

In 2019/2020, alumni, faculty, staff, students, parents of students, foundations, corporations and other Friends of the UBC Library donated $264,907 in funds and gifts-in-kind, such as rare books and maps. These generous contributions were instrumental in strengthening Library collections and improving services.

Thank you for your support of UBC Library.