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UBC Undergraduate Prize
in Library Research


Encourage students to develop the research skills they need to change the world

The new UBC Undergraduate Prize in Library Research recognizes the critical role libraries play in a student’s academic and personal journey.

UBC students are bold thinkers—many go on to make important discoveries that improve lives. Their innovative thinking is fueled by the strong research skills they developed during their time at UBC, skills that were nurtured at the library.

As one of the top research libraries in the country, UBC Library offers rich print and digital collections and unique services to support students throughout their undergraduate degree. With so much information at their fingertips, learning how to properly use all the library has to offer is an essential skillset, one that takes time for students to develop. This prize was created to encourage students to engage in a deeper use of the library’s resources and collections.

Prizes are available for students at UBCV and UBCO to recognize excellence in course-based research papers or projects that show evidence of significant inquiry using UBC Library’s resources and collections. Students must also demonstrate significant learning about the research and information-gathering process itself by submitting a reflective statement.

When you give to the UBC Undergraduate Prize in Library Research, you are sending a powerful message about the importance of research. You are encouraging academic excellence and supporting students who have dedicated time to develop and hone their research skills.

Give today and help undergraduate students develop the research skills they need to change the world.

Learn more about the Undergraduate Prize in Library Research Award and award recipients.


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