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UBC Library
Parents Innovation Fund


Your support will allow us to create more study spaces that promote learning and collaboration

Parents play a big role in a student’s university career — and they also have been a great support to UBC Library.

Parents know that in order to meet the demands of higher education, students need access to resources, mentoring, tutoring and advanced technological equipment. Contributions to this fund help the library respond quickly to changing needs so that students can make the most of their time at UBC.

In 2019/2020, UBC Library raised over $40,000 from our proud UBC parents. These contributions made a significant impact: this past year, UBC Library added additional study spaces at the David Lam Management Research Library and Woodward Library, and transformed Woodward Library’s foyer into a technology-rich resource with additional collaborative space for students.

Your contributions to the Parents Innovation Fund will help UBC Library to continue to build its collections of books, journals, periodicals and electronic resources to match students’ evolving needs, create more study spaces that promote learning and collaboration, and teach students to navigate an information-intensive world.