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New gift will provide full tuition support for ten law students annually

The Honourable Grant Burnyeat Q.C. wanted law students to be supported at a time when summer employment or family support may not be available

The Peter A. Allard School of Law is pleased to announce a generous donation by The Honourable Grant Burnyeat Q.C. (LLB ‘73) to provide tuition support for JD students who have demonstrated academic merit, have shown significant leadership skills, and face financial challenges that would prevent the start or completion of their law degree. This $129,000 gift will go towards supporting 10 law students through an established award historically set up by Burnyeat to support the full cost of tuition for one law student on an annual basis. But with the financial impact that the current pandemic has had on so many, Burnyeat wanted to ensure that more law students were supported at a time when summer employment or family support may not be available.

“My hope is that these 10 awards will allow law students to take advantage of their time at law school and focus on their legal education without the burden of financial obligations placed upon them by this pandemic.”

A key supporter and volunteer of UBC and the law school, Burnyeat has long been involved in fundraising initiatives for his alma mater and continues to support current and prospective law students through his generosity. When asked what drives him to continue to foster close relationships with the University and the law school, Burnyeat says that he hopes to “pay back the considerable knowledge and experience that I gained when I was in law school and since.”

When asked what impact he hopes this gift will have on the community Burnyeat noted, “I hope that my gift will encourage other gifts and that donors will consider increasing their gifts this year to meet the challenge of this difficult time. Now, more than ever, students need help and as an alumni community we should be encouraged to step up and support in whatever way we can.”

To learn more about The Honourable Grant Burnyeat Q.C., visit his Allard School of Law History Project profile.

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