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Support one of the world’s foremost research groups working on animal welfare

The UBC Program in Animal Welfare was established in 1997 and has become one of the world’s foremost research groups working on animal welfare.

For example, dairy farmers use this research to improve the health and comfort of cattle in agriculture, with significant, positive economic implications. Animals also share our homes and become part of our families. With all that animals give us, is there a way to recognize the complexity of this relationship? By recognizing the vulnerability in animals, we also recognize the vulnerability in ourselves. By protecting their wellbeing and happiness, we acknowledge our connection to all of nature. In so doing, we deepen our own practice of empathy and caring for the world.

By conservative estimates, there are more than 175 million domestic cats and dogs in North American homes. Pet owners and caregivers demand solutions to the specific challenges that the welfare of companion animals presents. With our strong base in advancing the deeper appreciation of the issues of animal welfare, the Faculty of Land and Food Systems is well-positioned to advance science in the service of companion animals and their caregivers. This work will be possible through the efforts of engaged donors who will help us build resources for a ten-year budget for this emerging focus. As caregivers and pet lovers, we believe this is worth doing for the welfare of animals that bring joy and comfort to our lives. We want to join with you in creating a more sustainable future for companion animals, who by being themselves, help us become more human.


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