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Sustainable Agriculture
Landscapes Lab (SAL Lab)

Faculty of Land and Food Systems

Help students in the SAL Lab become problem solvers for the future

The Sustainable Agricultural Landscapes (SAL) Lab is dedicated to providing science that contributes to understanding the ecology and management of an agricultural system that meets current needs without compromising future generations.

The SAL Lab is engaged in a wide range of research projects many of which are focused on working directly with farmers to better manage their own lands (see our project page). A principle component of our research program is training future scientists, land managers and technicians capable of addressing the complex challenges farmers face, especially with climate change.

These challenges will require a team of professionals well versed in the management and science of agricultural production, and technical skills that include field sampling of soil and water, laboratory analysis, computing skills and predictive modeling. Furthermore, they need to have the ability to effectively translate research results into actionable information that farmers and other land managers can utilize in their decision making. The SAL Lab includes training at the undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral levels in all aspects of our research.

To date, the SAL Lab has trained a diverse group of students who are now working in the private sector, non-government, government and at academic institutions (see our people page). The primary limitation to training more students is funding. While occupations that provide support for those producing food, fibre and fuel in the face of climate change for a rapidly expanding population may be some of the most important jobs out there, the reality is they are not necessarily well paid.

In order to recruit students to do this crucial work, we need to provide them with stipends that will sustain them as they study in one of the most expensive cities in the world, Vancouver. With your support, we can provide performance-based financial help to students in the SAL Lab and help ensure that we are able to cultivate problem solvers of the future.


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