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Centre for Sustainable
Food Systems @ UBC Farm

Faculty of Land and Food Systems

Support sustainable food systems, community health, and environmental literacy

The UBC Farm is the place where community meets science and the local meets the global.

A gathering place for citizens, learners, researchers, and mentors, the UBC Farm is a site for envisioning a better food future for BC and the world that’s grounded in the power of people to make a difference. With its focus on sustainable, organic, culturally relevant, and community-engaged food production, the work taking place at the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at the UBC Farm is a key part of building a more just, secure, and sustainable tomorrow.

The UBC Farm was created in 1999 by students studying in the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences (precursor to today’s Faculty of Land and Food Systems). Students rallied faculty, staff, and community members to transform their vision for a semi-urban farm focused on community engaged learning and research into reality. Because of their work, the UBC Farm was secured in perpetuity as green academic space for agriculture and the academic programs led by the Faculty of Land and Food Systems, and its academic and community partners.

With your support, the Farm has continued to thrive and grow as a global centre for sustainable food systems, community health, and environmental literacy. Help us on our journey to become the leader in helping researchers, students, and community partners who seek to unlock better ways to steward our land, soil, water and food systems and to find strategies to adapt our food systems to climate change pressures.With escalating attention focused on BC’s and the global food system, we need your help more than ever to elevate the vision that students had over 20 years ago so that we can build a more sustainable world.


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