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D2D Destiny

Give back for a brighter future

On UBC Giving Day, join D2D Destiny Foundation in supporting the FORWARD for Students Affordability Initiative.

As more talented young individuals step into higher education and the workforce today, the need to inspire their ideas and actions for a better world has never been greater. The D2D Destiny Foundation is at the forefront of meeting this need — uniting youth to use their talents, passion and creativity in making acts of kindness.

Among the team are UBC Sauder alumni Arthur Chan and Natalie Chan, who play a part in leading the foundation’s fundraising activities. With members like Arthur and Natalie having strong ties to UBC, the D2D Destiny Foundation’s commitment to supporting UBC students reflects their desire to give back to an institution that has profoundly influenced their lives and careers.

A proud UBC supporter since the Blue & Gold Campaign, D2D Destiny Foundation’s successful “Youth in Motion Virtual Charity Concert” in 2021 raised over $30,000 for the university. These funds have been crucial in equipping UBC students with the knowledge and skills necessary for a promising future.

The foundation also established the “D2D Destiny Foundation Bursary in Commerce” in 2020, which will support Bachelor of Commerce students at the Sauder School of Business. With the goal of bridging the financial gap many students face, the D2D Destiny Foundation commits to fostering the next generation of business leaders through annual bursaries — building an environment where future leaders are not only educated and responsible, but are deeply aware of the importance of philanthropy.

Now, the D2D Destiny Foundation is excited to continue their impact through the FORWARD for Students Affordability Initiative, aiming to address critical needs like housing, transportation and food security for UBC students. With living costs rising, students are facing significant challenges as they juggle their schoolwork and personal lives.

D2D Destiny Foundation is here to support UBC students with the resources to succeed. Give to the FORWARD for Students Affordability Initiative today and play a part in shaping a future where every UBC student can thrive.


FORWARD, the campaign for UBC, is advancing healthy lives, creating solutions for the planet, and shaping thriving societies. Donors and alumni are the catalyst making it happen.