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Geering Up
STEM camp for kids

Faculty of Applied Science

Empower the next generation of innovators to thrive in STEM

In today’s rapidly advancing world, STEM lies at the heart of innovation and progress. Ensure youth are equipped with these skills—not just for their future, but for the future of our world.

For over two decades, Geering Up has been sparking curiosity, inspiring creativity and nurturing a passion for STEM among British Columbia’s youth. Operating from two campuses—Vancouver and Okanagan—the program delivers accessible and inclusive learning experiences to curious minds.

While Geering Up has made tremendous strides in STEM education, challenges remain, such as the underrepresentation of female and Indigenous students, financial constraints and minimal support for those with learning exceptionalities. By giving to Geering Up, you are doing more than addressing these challenges; you are broadening access to education for countless BC youth—fostering the next generation of innovators to thrive in the world of STEM.

What started as a vision to inspire youth through STEM has today reached students across British Columbia. Through Geering Up:

  • Classrooms Come Alive: In-school workshops tailored to the BC Science curriculum make STEM engaging and relatable for students from kindergarten to Grade 12.
  • Summers Fuel Curiosity: Summer camps, designed by university students passionate about STEM, cover a range of science and engineering topics. From core programs to specialized offerings like beginner-level coding camps, each week promises hands-on challenges, exciting activities and lots of laughs!
  • Diversity is Celebrated: Specialized programs like All Girls weeks and focused outreach to Indigenous communities focus on introducing science and engineering to groups traditionally underrepresented in the field. Your support helps tailor our content, ensuring that every child can see themselves in STEM.

Every child has the potential to change the world with STEM. By supporting Geering Up, you’re making sure that potential is nurtured and realized. Give today.


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