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Centre for
Wildfire Coexistence

Faculty of Forestry

Help shape new wildfire management tools and applications

Protecting communities from devastating wildfire.

Record-setting wildfires across Canada are among the most devastating natural disasters sweeping the country. Out-of-control forest fires damage communities, businesses and ecosystems, releasing harmful greenhouse gas emissions and costing local governments and citizens billions of dollars in damages. New paths forward for wildfire management are a top priority to address this mounting risk to public and environmental health and safety.

The Centre for Wildfire Coexistence (CWC) at UBC Forestry is responding to this urgent need by advancing research, collaboration and innovation in the areas of forest management and eco-cultural restoration. Established in fall 2023 thanks to a transformative gift from the Koerner family, the CWC’s data-led and proactive approach aims to inform wildfire management strategies and set in motion the co-development of solutions with and for communities at risk.

CWC’s use of the term ‘coexistence’ refers to the proactive mitigation of catastrophic wildfire through innovative forest and fire management strategies, along with landscape resilience enhancements. The approach positions fire as a forest management tool that can be used to effectively minimize harm to lives and properties while promoting vital ecosystem functions.

CWC will pursue multidisciplinary research that leverages expertise from:

  • leading researchers,
  • Indigenous Knowledge Holders,
  • government agencies, as well as
  • other national and international wildfire experts.

“By actively involving the public, communities, Indigenous leaders, all levels of government and non-governmental organizations in our research and initiatives, we can co-create effective strategies for wildfire coexistence and build more resilient landscapes.”
— Dr. Lori Daniels, Professor of Forest and Conservation Sciences and the inaugural holder of the Koerner Chair in Wildfire Coexistence at UBC

Your support of Lori and the CWC team will shape new wildfire management tools and applications to protect communities and the environment. Help us reimagine proactive forest fire strategies in a more collaborative and community-driven way.


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