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Student Community
Public Art Fund

Help student artists shape their campus landscape

The Student Community Public Art Fund provides diverse students, from all fields of study, with a valuable and transformative opportunity to explore, experiment, create art, and activate public spaces.

Supporting student art and space activation on UBC campus is a powerful way to connect people with place. When you give to the Student Community Public Art Fund, you help students realize their vision. By enabling them to shape their campus, students can democratize public space and turn UBC’s motto tuum est (it is yours) into a physical reality.

By giving now, you’ll support student-led temporary art, performance, and placemaking installations on campus that can build connection, help tell the stories that need to be told, and create enriching spaces for reflection and interaction. Students gain experience in using art for change and can explore the role of art in examining the politics of public space.

You can inspire students to feel, think, and take action through art expression when you give to the Student Community Public Art Fund.

From performance art to murals, and sculptures, public art and installations ask viewers to participate by reacting, observing or simply sharing space with the work. Art can act as a vital source of connection, community resilience and healing. It can spark thought and serve as a tool for change, representation and social justice.

Public art is also an effective tool for community development as we emerge from pandemic restrictions and look for new ways to engage with the spaces and people around us.

With your support, the Student Community Public Art Fund will provide valuable opportunities for students to explore, experiment and learn about producing art of all kinds in public spaces.


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