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Nourish student health and wellbeing

Access to affordable food and resources for healthy living gives students the nourishment they need to thrive.

Student wellbeing is integral to student success. However, affordability is compromising student health in some serious ways. Rising food prices and a lack of resources on how to incorporate healthy food choices into daily life can create barriers to student health and wellbeing. To help address these challenges, the UBC Okanagan Campus Wellness and Education team is connecting students to a unique on-campus initiative—Picnic.

Picnic is a space for all UBC Okanagan students. It empowers them with the knowledge and skills they need to stay well at UBC Okanagan, and brings them together to learn, share and be part of a vibrant community where they will thrive. From ongoing opportunities like a free breakfast program, community meals, cultural events and food skills workshops, to general access to supplies and health literacy programs, Picnic helps students make healthier decisions. It connects them to interactive opportunities to learn with their peers about topics important to their health and wellbeing, like nutrition, harm reduction, mental health and more.

Join us in creating a vibrant hub where students can nourish their bodies, grow their knowledge and build a meaningful community. Your gift to Picnic will support and expand these invaluable programs and services, and create the conditions our students need to thrive.


FORWARD, the campaign for UBC, is advancing healthy lives, creating solutions for the planet, and shaping thriving societies. Donors and alumni are the catalyst making it happen.