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Support the exchange of new ideas at Green College

Nestled on a forested cliff overlooking ocean and mountains, Green College offers graduate students and other resident members a unique home at UBC.

Green College is a community committed to advanced interdisciplinary inquiry, which also extends an invitation to non-residents from all walks of life to join in the passionate pursuit of ideas.

The College was founded in 1993, thanks to a gift from Dr. Cecil H. Green, and has formal ties with Green Templeton College, a sibling institution at Oxford University also endowed by Cecil Green, and with Massey College at the University of Toronto. Dr. Green’s vision was to create an environment hospitable to constructive thinking, where new ideas and friendship are nurtured, and where the wider community engages with all that UBC has to offer. To that end, the College offers a wide array of public lectures and events, in a setting ideally suited to free and convivial interchange.

Green College is more than just a home to selected graduate students and postdoctoral scholars while they are working at UBC; it is an intellectual community of scholars and intellectuals stretching around the world, including hundreds of former residents, associated faculty, and distinguished visitors.

Your support is invited in the following areas:

Green College Society Fund

This fund assists core community-building activities of the College and the larger College Society, be they academic, artistic, cultural, recreational, or public outreach.

Richard V. Ericson Lecture Endowment

This endowment honours the memory of founding Principal of Green College Richard Ericson (1948-2007), world-renowned criminologist and sociologist. The inaugural Ericson Lecture, held in 2011, was presented by Andrew Coyne, National Editor of Maclean’s magazine.

Green College Endowment

Thanks to a generous gift from Ida M. Green, this endowment provides funding for Green College to support all the College’s activities.


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