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Faculty of Forestry
Bursary Fund

Faculty of Forestry

Help UBC Forestry students focus on their studies and reach their potential

The Faculty of Forestry Bursary Fund helps support and inspire student innovation in a field that has a broad, diverse scope and a commitment to sustainability.

Bursaries provide vital support for forestry students by reducing the burden and stress of financial constraints. It allows them to concentrate on their studies and work toward reaching their potential as a forestry professional, which can mean many things, according to alumni Natalie Swift.

“First, throw out any preconceived notions of what you think “forestry” is,” says Natalie. “The UBC Faculty of Forestry is full of excellent professors conducting research and teaching about topics such as fungi, energy policy, wildlife, globalization and sustainability, genetics, hydrology, ecology.”

Many UBC Forestry students come from rural communities, and the cost of living and studying in Vancouver can add a significant burden. Having financial support from donors like you helps encourage students to focus on their studies and contribute to the culture of innovation and sustainability, which defines forestry in the 21st Century.

Students in the UBC Faculty of Forestry have the vision, talent and commitment to excel and to make a significant contribution to our community and society. Your generosity and support of the Faculty of Forestry Bursary Fund help ensure students have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and goals regardless of their social and economic background.


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