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Wild & Immersive:
outdoor development
programs for children and youth

Faculty of Forestry

Create environmentally curious and passionate individuals through inspiring nature-based experiences

Our increasingly urban and sedentary lifestyles have led to children and youth spending less time outside. Yet, studies show that children who spend more time outdoors get along better with their peers and tend to be more active.

At Wild & Immersive, we believe that every child deserves the chance to connect with nature and experience its wonder and benefits firsthand. Children and youth who have opportunities to connect with and learn about nature gain knowledge that can lead them to intuitively engage and care about the environment.

Our educational programs for children and youth are rooted in nature and help remind participants that we are all part of the natural world. By playing, learning and exploring in the outdoors, Wild & Immersive helps build participants’ physical, mental and social wellbeing, and encourages self-awareness and recognition of the role we can all play in helping to create a healthy and resilient planet.

Wild & Immersive programs come alive at UBC Forestry’s Malcolm Knapp Research Forest near Maple Ridge, BC, and Alex Fraser Research Forest near Williams Lake, BC. They feature:

  • field trips for school and youth groups,
  • fully supervised day, overnight, and week-long camps, and
  • fully supervised forest school programs during the school year.

Thousands of participants have already attended our many Wild & Immersive programs and events, which gave students the opportunity to learn, explore and have fun in the forest. And, as part of the UBC Faculty of Forestry, Wild & Immersive programs can also be a first step along the path to considering a career in the forestry profession.

You can inspire the next generation of forest stewards by ensuring that no child is excluded from Wild & Immersive programming due to financial hardship. Your gift to bursaries for Wild & Immersive programming can help offset program fees for school groups, making it possible for even more children and youth to access this unique experience. Your generosity will also help offset the cost of educational resources, field equipment and purchasing outdoor rain gear to enable hands-on learning year-round.

Make a difference for kids — and our natural world — with a gift to support the Wild & Immersive programming at either Malcolm Knapp Research Forest or Alex Fraser Research Forest today.


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