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Human-Wildlife Coexistence on a Crowded Planet – The WildCo Lab

Faculty of Forestry

Provide much needed support to students

Wild animals hold a special place in human cultures around the world. Many species are woven into the cultural identity of a country, while others inspire international awe and intrigue.

The Wildlife Coexistence Lab (WildCo for short) in the department of Forest Resources Management strives to conduct science to support wildlife conservation and management in the face of global environmental change.

The WildCo lab studies interactions between people and wildlife across multiple species and spatial scales, with a particular emphasis on large-bodied terrestrial mammals; e.g. caribou, grizzly bear. The lab is comprised of a diverse team of scientists and conservationists who work across Canada and all over the world to understand human-wildlife coexistence.

A key focus of WildCo’s research concentrates on the effective use of a variety of survey tools, most predominantly the camera trap. A camera trap is a remotely activated camera triggered by the movement of warm-blooded animals. Camera traps are a non-invasive, cost-effective tool that allows researchers to collect large amounts of data without disturbing the animals. Essentially they provide true animal selfies.

Donations to the WildCo lab will help us purchase additional camera traps – a vital part of our research infrastructure, without which we are limited in the number of projects we can undertake and communities we can work with. Camera traps range from approx. $200 to $450, making it possible for your support to have a huge impact. It is also our hope to provide much needed support to graduate and undergraduate students by helping with the costs of field work, attending conferences and publishing research.

The WildCo Lab is led by Dr. Cole Burton, Associate Professor in the Department of Forest Resources Management, and Canada Research Chair in Terrestrial Mammal Conservation. To learn more about Dr. Burton’s work, please watch the following video Eyes in the Wild.


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