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Hamish Kimmins
Scholarship in
Forest Ecosystem Studies

Faculty of Forestry

Support graduate students focusing their studies on crucial forest ecosystems

The UBC Faculty of Forestry is inviting donations to support the Hamish Kimmins Scholarship in Forest Ecosystem Studies, which was established to honour Dr. Kimmins’ outstanding career, his dedication to mentoring graduate students and to recognize the positive impact his research has had, and continues to have on the profession internationally.

Serving as Professor of Forest Ecology at the University of British Columbia from 1969 to 2007, Dr. Kimmins had a tremendous impact on forestry that extends well beyond the boundaries of British Columbia. He is recognized worldwide as the one of the great Canadian forest ecologists, and his work has helped enormously to advance our understanding of how to achieve long-term sustainability of our forests.

Dr. Kimmins was instrumental in the emergence of forest ecology and the shift towards the use of ecological principles as the foundation for sustainable forest management. He played a lead role in the development of the innovative forest growth modelling software FORECAST which has been used across the world to inform forest management practices, and has been the subject of over 50 referenced publications. He was also the author of the seminal book Forest Ecology, among other publications, now in its third edition and used worldwide as the essential reference for forest ecology courses. Dr. Kimmins passed away on April 8, 2021.

Please make a donation to support Hamish Kimmins Scholarship in Forest Ecosystem Studies. The scholarship is awarded to outstanding graduate students who are focusing their studies at the ecosystem level, particularly those engaged in ecosystem-level modelling. This is in keeping with Dr. Kimmins’ own area of expertise and the positive impact he had on the many graduate students he supervised.

Dr. Kimmins’ work helped start an evolution in forest management. Your commitment to our students will demonstrate not only your appreciation for his wonderful career, but also your commitment to ensuring that UBC students are at the forefront of the profession in years to come.

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