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Forestry Student
Emergency Fund

Faculty of Forestry

Support our undergraduate and graduate students in need of urgent financial assistance

With the cost of living rising at an alarming rate, some of our students are having a hard time making ends meet. To respond to this pressing need, the Faculty of Forestry has established a fund to provide immediate financial assistance to undergraduate or graduate students facing unexpected financial hardships, including those grappling with issues of food and housing insecurity.

To cope with the ever-rising cost of living, many UBC Forestry students today need to balance their studies, family responsibilities and extra-curricular activities with work, and often in precarious jobs. Others may rely on carefully budgeted savings. Despite their herculean efforts, students who are unable to make ends meet face the devastating decision of closing the door to their education and much-anticipated career and life plans in order to pay for food and rent.

In the spirit of ensuring no students are left behind for financial reasons alone, the Faculty of Forestry created the Forestry Student Emergency Fund to support students with urgent financial needs that are negatively impacting their studies, health, wellbeing and security. Your gift today will help undergraduate and graduate students receive support during unexpected life events. The fund covers immediate expenses, such as temporary emergency housing; food and essential items; emergency medical costs not covered through the provincial public health plan; and unexpected travel expenses, for example, to attend the funeral of a family member.

Students should not be forced to choose between their education and their wellbeing. Please give to the Forestry Student Emergency Fund today to help students thrive.


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