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Climate Studies
IBPOC Student
Support Fund

Faculty of Arts

Support IBPOC students studying the climate emergency at UBC

To address the climate crisis, we need the leadership of those most impacted by it. Help to build future generations of climate researchers by supporting IBPOC students at UBC.

The Climate Studies IBPOC Student Support Fund provides assistance to undergraduate students from Indigenous, Black, and other racialized communities of colour who are studying climate change at UBC.

As we face an escalating climate emergency, IBPOC communities continue to be disproportionately impacted. At the same time, they remain underrepresented in climate research in Canada. For any work on the climate crisis to succeed, voices from these communities must be centred. For this work to be done at institutions like UBC, we must recognize the systemic inequities, both historic and ongoing, that racialized students face.

In the spirit of repair and climate action, the Departments of Geography and Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences have created this fund to support IBPOC students whose studies are focused on climate change, climate action or climate justice.

Available from Winter 2023, the fund will be open to students involved in climate studies across the university, but preference will be given to those enrolled in the new Certificate in Climate Studies and Action.

Make a donation today to support IBPOC students studying the climate emergency at UBC.


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