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Asian Canadian &
Asian Migration Studies

Faculty of Arts

Support learning and community-based research to address the impact of anti-Asian racism

Your gifts, regardless of the size, will allow us to enhance ACAM’s core offerings by developing course-related public events, collaborating with communities to co-create knowledge, and increasing opportunities for students to conduct meaningful, respectful community-based research.

When the Asian Canadian & Asian Migration (ACAM) program was launched in 2014, it was part of the university’s commitment to redressing its own history of anti-Asian racism in the forced removal of 76 Japanese Canadian UBC students in 1942. As an academic program, we hope to model a kind of care and openness that facilitates ongoing, collective reckoning around anti-racism and justice. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen an exponential increase in violence directed against Asian communities in BC and across North America. As we grieve, stand, and work alongside family, friends, and colleagues in the Asian Canadian community, we strive to facilitate genuine and engaging conversations, respond to community issues and concerns, and turn the tide of hate by cultivating future leaders.

 “ACAM has been an integral part of my university life…. I was encouraged to emotionally express the feelings of pride and loss, anger towards injustice, solidarity within marginalization, and to weave my personal narrative in relation to the world around me.” – Yuko Fedrau, ACAM student

ACAM students, alumni, and faculty support diverse Asian Canadian communities in areas such as information distribution, advocacy, public history and museum and programming, and policy research.

If you believe in our work, we humbly ask for your support by making a gift to the ACAM Studies Fund.


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