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Initiative for Student
Teaching & Research in
Chinese Canadian Studies

Faculty of Arts

Help students create a more inclusive world through innovative community-based research

For over 200 years, migrants of Chinese heritage have travelled to Canada — particularly British Columbia — to live, to work, and to raise their families. They have formed vibrant communities that have significantly shaped Canadian society. Now, you can help student researchers gather and share these amazing stories.

By making a gift to the Initiative for Student Teaching & Research in Chinese Canadian Studies (INSTRCC) at UBC, you will be supporting community-based student research projects on Chinese Canadian communities and anti-racism work in BC and Canada. You will help student researchers uncover and share the rich histories of Chinese Canadian families and communities, so future generations will be aware of the complex stories that make up diverse aspects of Canadian history and identity.

INSTRCC places student teaching and learning at the core of all of our research and community engagement activities. In addition to providing undergraduate and graduate students with community-based research opportunities, your generous contribution will support students to undertake summer and school year internships with community and industry partners. This is a fantastic opportunity for students from our classes to apply their academic learning in real-world settings, such as in museums and other heritage spaces.

Your support of INSTRCC provides funding for high potential students to co-create a more just, equitable, and inclusive world through innovative and collaborative community-based research that they might not otherwise be able to pursue.

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  • One of the most valuable things I learned working on these storytelling projects is that systemic oppression is rooted in our society. It happened during the migration of our ancestors and is still happening to migrant farm workers nowadays. In these processes, it is unsurprising for one to lose connections to their families, and subsequently lose touch with their roots. This experience opened my eyes to the value of conserving and preserving our cultural heritage.

    Past INSTRCC student research assistant

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