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Asian Canadian Research
and Engagement Centre (ACRE)

Faculty of Arts

Together, we can end anti-Asian racism

The rising tide of anti-Asian racism demands immediate attention and urgent response.

UBC is committed to combating anti-Asian racism and discrimination and convened the first-ever National Forum on Anti-Asian Racism. To fulfil the call for action from across Canada, UBC is establishing the Centre for Asian Canadian Research and Engagement to generate and activate knowledge that drives change.

We seek bold philanthropic partners like you who believe we can end racism.

You can play a leading role in this urgent work by helping to enhance research that meets community needs, student training that builds real-world experience, and scholarship that helps change the world.

As Canada reckons with its long history of colonialism, white supremacy, and systemic racism, UBC is drawing on its established track record of research and teaching, and long-standing partnerships with Asian Canadian communities.

Join us to confront anti-Asian racism. Together we can train and support emerging leaders, and work together to transform the communities in which we live and work.


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