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Faculty of Arts
Bursary Fund

Faculty of Arts

Help UBC Arts students reach their full potential

Your support can help tomorrow’s leaders, visionaries and changemakers focus on their education, not their finances.

Today’s increasing costs of living leave many UBC Faculty of Arts students struggling to meet expenses without sacrificing their studies or extracurricular participation.

Yet, in the face of humanity’s most critical and complex issues, Arts students have the potential to build a more inclusive, compassionate and equitable future. The impact you make today can help students dedicate their time to what’s most important.

Join alumni, faculty, staff and friends to provide a critical financial boost that helps Arts undergraduate students with the most need.

Bursaries empower students with greater financial security and choice. Any gift helps ensure an enriching university education that prepares Arts graduates, including those with diverse backgrounds and lived experiences, to advance a more just and prosperous future for us all.

Give to the Faculty of Arts Bursary, and join a growing community of Arts supporters to shape a better world.

The power of your donation

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  • For Wil, the award meant the freedom to be a better student. “As a student with disabilities, the Faculty of Arts Bursary has enabled me to spend more time focusing on my studies rather than having to worry about financial concerns. The moment I received the Bursary was quite a relief. It was one of those experiences where you’re kind of stressed out over money, which is one of the biggest stressors in life. Many students don’t get the chance to go to university because of having greater financial concerns, and these bursaries really do help, so thank you very much.”

    Wil BA’18
  • Amy realized her dream of joining an excavation in Cyprus to study ancient culture. “When we landed I just had this moment of, wow, I’m really here to focus all my attention on what it has to tell me about the past. Being there was a really special time. I’d like to sincerely thank all the donors for their active role in furthering education for all of the students here. From my heart, I sincerely appreciate your help in my education.”

    Amy BA’17
  • Hanna appreciated the chance to put more of herself into her studies without added anxiety. “I love putting out my best work. I love writing history. So the Faculty of Arts Bursary gave me an opportunity to do what I love. It enabled me to more greatly focus on my studies and my research. It also gave me the financial freedom to pursue things related to my minor, Russian. I’m so grateful to the donors of the Bursary for the opportunities it afforded me.”

    Hanna BA’16, MA’19
  • Emma found the time for student leadership thanks to financial support. “I am one of many Arts students who wouldn’t be at UBC without the support of bursaries and scholarships. This support has given me time to pursue extracurricular student leadership opportunities like my role in the Arts Undergraduate Society. I feel privileged and grateful for the support I’ve received and can’t say enough about how important awards, like the Arts Bursary, are empowering students to reach their full potential.”

    Emma Arts Undergraduate Society President 2023/24

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