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The World University Service
of Canada Program at UBC

Help refugee students succeed at UBC

Every year, tens of thousands of people are forced to leave their homes due to violence, persecution and conflict. Today, unprecedented levels of displacement have caused a global migration and refugee crisis, with many refugees being denied the basic rights they need to become self-sufficient and restart their lives.

UBC welcomes refugee students yearly through the World University Service of Canada (WUSC) program. WUSC, a Canadian non-profit organization, is dedicated to enhancing education, employment and empowerment for youth around the world, and provides opportunities for refugee students to continue their education at Canadian universities.

You can make a real and immediate change in the lives of refugees seeking to advance their education at the University of British Columbia by supporting students in the WUSC program. Contributions from donors like you can help to improve the living conditions and educational experiences of refugee students. Donations can directly increase the monthly budget for students currently in the program who most need extra financial support, allowing them to focus on their studies, fully participate in leadership and involvement opportunities, and contribute to their new community with less stress and hardship.


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