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Empower entrepreneurs
through the HATCH Concept Fund

Faculty of Applied Science

Help early stage UBC startups get off the ground and on the path to commercialization

The HATCH Accelerator gives UBC entrepreneurs the means to build successful new ventures that will transform society and drive economic prosperity in Canada and beyond.

UBC students and grads are among the most brilliant innovators of their generation. They possess the education and ideas to start the next game-changing, high-tech venture. Yet entrepreneurship is a resource-intensive and inherently risky undertaking that leaves many promising innovations to go underdeveloped – never to be tested for their potential impact in the real world. Why? Attracting the early-stage support and resources required for success continues to be a persistent challenge.

The HATCH Concept Fund provides grants of up to $25,000 to help early stage UBC startups get off the ground and on the path to commercialization. Without it, even the most promising ventures are in jeopardy of folding before they even get started. Minimizing the risk for future investors, HATCH’s rigorous program graduates startups with the greatest market potential, helping them to exit at a stage when they are ready for angel investors.

While giving philanthropically to the fund comes without equity ownership, this first round of funding carries UBC startups through their most challenging stages of development: from creating proof of concepts and prototypes, business models and market validation to enabling their participation in events and competitions, you can help pave the road on their journey to becoming investment ready.

Your gift will ensure that UBC’s entrepreneurial community can continue to thrive, helping fledgling entrepreneurs transform their ideas into solutions that generate social, economic, cultural and health impacts outside of UBC.

Help UBC HATCH ventures get cracking by donating today.

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