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Support female students in their pursuit of a rewarding career in engineering

While gender inequality should be old news, engineering—unlike law, medicine and other professions that have achieved parity—is slow to gain ground.

Almost everyone can agree that diversity matters. But despite this consensus, women still represent less than 13 per cent of the licensed engineering workforce in Canada. Over the past eight years, the Women in Engineering (WiE) initiative has worked to change this paradigm, helping to raise female enrollment in UBC Engineering from 18 to 30 per cent. Yet the number of women entering our engineering programs has plateaued. It is clear we must scale up our efforts—and need greater support to do so.

Join a community of your peers who are committed to supporting and encouraging the next generation of female engineers, and achieving a more inclusive and diverse engineering profession.

With your contribution and the support of our members, we can invest in the expansion of critical outreach programs geared towards girls in grades K-12, when early learning intervention will have the most impact. Funds will also support female students in their pursuit of a rewarding career in engineering.

The formation of Together WiE Can, a group of UBC engineering alumni and friends who are dedicated to supporting women in the engineering field, presents a promising new chapter in the journey towards gender parity. Together we will break down gender stereotypes, demystify engineering and encourage young girls to pursue engineering studies. At the post-secondary level, supporters like you will help to ensure that we can continue to attract, retain and support female engineering students through scholarships, mentorship and campus initiatives like the Women in Engineering (WiE) Club.

Together WiE Can is an opportunity for UBC engineering alumni and friends to co-invest in the creation of a more inclusive and diverse engineering profession. In that same spirit of community, we welcome gifts of any size because we believe that our shared vision can only be achieved, together.

Giving Members receive specialized Together WiE Can pins, an invitation to select WiE events, progress updates, and the satisfaction of helping increase diversity in the engineering professions. Please note that annual memberships are available with gifts made at the following levels:

A minimum donation of $1,000 (renewed annually) for individuals 10+ years post-graduation
A minimum donation of $500 (renewed annually) with individuals <10 years post-graduation


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