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Help us celebrate the vital role of education

Every year, the UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (SALA) puts on a series of public lectures, to foster dialogue around contemporary design issues.

These lectures are enjoyed by a wide range of attendees, including students, alumni, professionals and community members, from BC and beyond. You can make a donation to support these lectures here.

As the only ongoing architecture and landscape architecture lecture series in Vancouver, the SALA Lecture Series makes an important contribution to the intellectual life of the city. The lectures allow for multiple perspectives on a range of issues, including design, technology, sustainability and professional leadership, and encourage a cross-fertilization of ideas and visions for the future.

The lectures feature leaders in the field from all around the world, as well as an inspiring array of Canadian and US speakers. They are sponsored by community partners and alumni, helping to forge new relationships and collaborations between SALA and its professional colleagues while enhancing the profile of SALA locally and internationally.

Please make a donation to support the SALA Lecture Series. Your gift will go directly to support SALA to host an upcoming lecture within the series. This is your opportunity to celebrate the vital role of education and dialogue in the creation of built environments that support civil and sustainable living.


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