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Gateway Health Building
Invest in the
future of nursing

Faculty of Applied Science

Your contribution to the Gateway Health Building is a strategic investment in our healthcare systems, our people and our economy.

As healthcare workers struggle to hold the line against COVID-19, now is the time to invest in nursing education if we are to win the battle against outbreaks and achieve health equity.

Long before the first novel coronavirus infection, healthcare systems were sounding the alarm about a problem that the pandemic has now brought sharply into focus: a shortage of trained and qualified nurses, central to supporting the sustained health of our communities.

As a leader in nursing science and education, the School of Nursing is primed to meet international recommendations that are essential to overcoming these persistent challenges, but for a critical lack of space. More than bricks and mortar, the Gateway Health Building is vital to delivering on those commitments and will bring nursing rightfully to the forefront – at the UBC Point Grey campus and beyond.

Your contribution will ensure that UBC Nursing can continue to do what we do best:

  • Prepare innovative nurse educators to meet increased teaching demands as we expand of our global nursing workforce
  • Develop visionary nurse leaders with the expertise to drive health policy and address the systemic barriers that are keeping the nursing shortage in place
  • Conduct leading-edge nursing science to advance nursing practice, guide health policy and transform health systems wherever UBC nurses are in the world.

With help from donors like you, the much-needed Gateway Health Building will provide a permanent home for UBC Nursing, the School of Kinesiology, the Integrated Student Health and Wellbeing Services and Programs, and components of UBC Health — a place where we can continue to push the boundaries of nursing education, expand the depth and breadth of our research and keep pace with the changing demands of the profession.

The path forward is clear. And with your support, we can take the necessary steps today to build the secure, sustainable and resilient health systems of tomorrow.

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