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Help build the School of
Biomedical Engineering’s
new home - Canada’s living laboratory

Faculty of Applied Science

Your gift will enable the development of biotechnologies that will transform health and healthcare

Disease doesn’t recognize the academic borders between medicine, biology, and engineering. We shouldn’t either.

Once simply the builders of bridges, skyscrapers and airplanes, engineers now create new medical knowledge and commercialize new treatments to save lives.

From point-of-care diagnostics to devices that “read and write” into our bodies to help us walk, think, and see better, the School of Biomedical Engineering (SBME) ­­is fast becoming one of the places to watch for the next wave of technologies that will transform medicine.

When viewing the body as an engineered system, the possibilities for novel treatments, deployment methods and protocols broaden while removing traditional scientific silos. This is the goal of the SBME, and why it is a blueprint for the future of medicine.

But this novel convergence of biology, medicine and engineering presents a unique challenge: the need for a purpose-built space where students from these traditionally disparate fields can interact, share ideas and learn from each other. Imagine learning spaces that explore the intersection of AI and medicine. Wet spaces for bio-cellular innovations. State-of-the art makerspaces that allow entrepreneurial students and faculty to conduct and commercialize research. A hub for critical industry-university initiatives, for public collaboration.

Help us go further by supporting the development of Canada’s Living Laboratory, our new state-of-the-art facility, scheduled for completion in 2024.

This is how innovation happens—and medicine evolves.

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