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UBC Engineering Student
Competition Team Fund

Faculty of Applied Science

Support student design teams to shape the future of engineering

Student team funding is a key priority for the Faculty of Applied Science.

The engineering design teams provide over 1,000 students with the opportunity to put into practice the engineering skills they learn in the classroom — and to play a leading role in shaping the future of engineering. You can help give them the resources they need to compete and to succeed by making a donation today.

There are currently 31 engineering design teams at the Faculty of Applied Science. Within these teams, students are innovating in areas from sustainable transportation and robotics, through to earthquake research and biomedical technology. Being involved in a team gives students the opportunity to be creative, develop new technologies, travel and learn from peers, and build vital skills for their careers as professional engineers. Their participation gives them the competitive edge, both as team members and as future engineers or entrepreneurs.

“Only within engineering teams can students seize the opportunity to work at the cutting-edge of solutions to the world’s problems. The unique environment fosters invaluable hands-on collaboration with enthusiastic, like-minded peers. Additionally, a project as complex and intricate as building a car from scratch quickly develops a rigorous understanding of crucial soft skills like project management, communication, and budgeting, without which none of our engineering work would be possible.”
Felix Van Oost, Formula Electric

With your support, our engineering student design teams are raising the bar, by competing on the world stage and winning against the best. They are increasing awareness of what technology can do, and showing the world how we can use it for the benefit of all our communities.

Please make a donation to the Student Competition Team Fund, and help give our teams the resources they need to succeed. Your contribution will help more students gain the most from their time in engineering — and make a real impact on the world.


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