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Help accelerate
COVID-19 research at UBC

Faculty of Medicine

Support urgent projects focused on halting the spread of COVID-19

Donating today means that you can help save the lives of people in British Columbia, Canada and worldwide

There is an urgent need to support the Faculty of Medicine as it accelerates research into ways to overcome the global challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. By donating now, you can help to save lives in British Columbia and around the world.

The UBC Faculty of Medicine is at the forefront of researching innovative ways to rapidly detect, neutralize and reduce the transmission of COVID-19. So far, it has received federal funding to launch crucial research projects including:

  • Testing antibodies to block the virus;
  • Repurpose existing blood pressure and diabetes drugs to improve outcomes for patients;
  • Deploy a virtual healthcare app to support patients self-isolating at home; and
  • Develop clinical guidelines to treat those infected.

However, this federal funding will help to realize only a fraction of the potential that the Faculty of Medicine has to make an impact on the spread of this disease.

By donating to support COVID-19 research at UBC, you can play a crucial part in halting the progression of this disease not just in BC, but worldwide, through supporting the many innovative projects that are being launched by the Faculty of Medicine.

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  • We have a responsibility to take action and accelerate research that will not just save lives today, but improve our response to future outbreaks.

    Dr. Dermot Kelleher Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Vice-President, Health, UBC

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