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Northern Centre
for Clinical Research

Faculty of Medicine

Help bring biomedical research to the north and improve health care for northerners

Scientific discoveries and clinical trials introduce new technologies and treatments into the health care system to improve people’s lives. In northern British Columbia, collaboration among health practitioners, patients and researchers within the region is essential for innovation to be relevant to northern, remote and Indigenous communities.

Based in Prince George, the Northern Centre for Clinical Research aims to involve the residents and experts of northern B.C. in medical research, so they benefit from biomedical discoveries and advances in clinical care sooner.

The Centre is building on existing infrastructure and partnerships among the UBC Faculty of Medicine, University of Northern British Columbia and Northern Health to expand research excellence rooted in the geographical, social and cultural contexts of northern, remote, rural and Indigenous communities.

Your donation will support the growth of the Northern Centre for Clinical Research to bring biomedical innovation to residents of the region sooner. The clinical trials and other research studies conducted by the Centre will require scientists and clinician-scholars with expertise in clinical trials, shared research tools and interdisciplinary research teams also comprised of trainees and staff. All research will be directly relevant and beneficial to health care delivery and the health and wellbeing of the people and communities of northern B.C.

We invite you to join us in transforming health for everyone.

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  • Very little clinical research has been done from the northern, rural and Indigenous point of view. The Northern Centre for Clinical Research aims to help the people of northern B.C. have access to state-of-the-art research in terms of new therapies, investigations and approaches to health care, including enhanced virtual care.

    Dr. Paul Winwood Regional Associate Dean, Northern B.C., UBC Faculty of Medicine

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